Global Experts in Integral Beauty Book - 3rd Edition


Global Integral Beuty se enorgullece en anunciar Profesionales y Expertos reconocidos en Belleza Integral 2024, un libro especializado con el fin de presentar un perfil de líderes globales que trabajan en el sector salud, bienestar y estética. 

Puede presentar su postulación que nos ayudará a determinar los coautores seleccionados de la tercera versión del Libro.


STEP 1: Confirm eligibility by reviewing the criteria below

May reside anywhere in the world

Must be a licensed professional in the health, wellness and aesthetics industry 

Must have more than 10 years of experience and professional trajectory

Must have a legally registered trademark 

Must participate in organizations or associations related to their profession

Must be involved in any of the following: community and/or philanthropic activities

STEP 2: Gather required documentation

High-resolution headshot (300 dpi, .jpg file, minimum width 1500 px, maximum file size 25 MB)

Biography: URL link or document upload

Note: There is no fee to apply, however, once selected, there is a cost to participate in the book. 

Complete your application by September 15th, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST