Annual International Integral Beauty Conference

The annual meeting of experts from different specialties in the world of beauty.

Idalis Bailey extends the invitation to the entire guild of professionals in health, wellness and aesthetics both in the NY area, national and international to be part of this conference, in order to receive optimal and updated training on integral treatments in trend in the beauty industry.

1st International Conference Integral Beauty 2022 • New York

Last June 28, RITMAC LLC. carried out a great event called 1st International Conference – Comprehensive Beauty 2022 at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, the first conference is bilingual in English and simultaneous translation in Spanish, with the participation of more than 20 Speakers of national and International among them, the colombian Dr. Fulvio Strap, Cristina Moro from Argentina, Maria Dolores from Spain, The Dra Lanna Chuck from NY, the brazilian Maria de Fátima Lima, among others, who shared their experiences and knowledge in the industry, giving an exceptional manner through theoretical talks and live demos on new treatments and equipment in the trend in the industry.


The audience was able to learn about treatments such as PDO thread tightening, reconstructive and oncological micropigmentation, sexual dysfunction with PRP, liposuction technology, ayurvedic therapies, and much more. Without a doubt, each presentation was an aesthetic spectacle, and at the same time, professional networks were created that we know will bear fruit for each spectator. 


In addition, to close a successful conference, the official launch of the book Global Experts in Integral Beauty was held, led by Idalis Bailey together with the co-authors present at the conference, who received special recognition for their participation and professional trajectory, which is an example for new entrepreneurs in the industry.


That is why we would like to give special thanks to all the co-authors, national and international speakers, sponsors of the event who supported and contributed their grain of sand to make this great dream come true, and to the audience who attended with the desire to learn and get to know the new professional opportunities that this medium offers them. 


Coming Soon

2nd Annual International Conference Integral Beauty 2023