Aromatherapist, Dermocosmiatrist, Massotherapist

My name is Cristina Noemí Moro, I entered the labor field through teaching, since I am a national teacher with specialization in preschool and psychopedagogy. At the age of 20 I was already in charge of a school as a kindergarten and elementary school principal. I come from a generation where being intellectual, reading and participating in literary cafés was in style.


I married a perfumer at the age of 21 and when I got pregnant I left school to raise my daughter and enter the world of beauty. I took all the courses offered by the big companies and I even managed to win the 1st prize for the best paper presented on skin pathologies, and I traveled to France to take the Cosmiatry course. It was there, where I learned about pure essential oils and their benefits, and I immediately fell in love with Aromatherapy.

When life put me in such a difficult situation, as was my separation and finding myself alone with two children, I knew that if I wanted to be the best at what I did, I had to study with the best and that is how I met Dr. Calecke and Dr. Kaminsky, who taught me how to restore aesthetics in the skin. By the year 1993 we joined our passion for aesthetics and we founded A.C.Y.E.B.A. (Association of Cosmetologists and Estheticians of the Province of Buenos Aires).. With the banner of the association we reached the most remote points of the province in order to unite for
a common good. I was also part of the group of teachers who developed the first university technical course at the University of Salta,
headquarters in Buenos Aires.


In 2017, I was elected as President of F.A.C.E. (Federation of Cosmetologists and Estheticians of the Argentine Republic).. I held this position for two terms, and today I am Honorary President, I continue to fight for the Cosmetology Law to legalize the profession. In the year 2000 I was invited by the Ministry of Health of Cuba and Dr. Alud to take a course on treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis in the Fajardo hospital, in exchange for teaching him all the benefits of Aromatherapy that I had learned in London and France at the school of Madame Mauri. At the request of the Embassy of Brazil and the O.E.A. (Organization of American States) and with the help of my daughter, Dr. Giselle García Moro, I had the opportunity to create my book, which was the first Manual of work with Aceites Esenciales. I always bet on the use of natural active principles of maximum purity, and I was not wrong. Accompanied by doctors who endorsed my experiences, I began the path of research that ended up being the starting point to implement holistic therapy in Latin America. At that moment, they started to call me to participate in all these Naturotherapies and beauty eventsnot only from America, but also from Europe and Asia. From the hand of the O.E.A. I arrived in Egypt, there I met the Palace of the Aromas and learned Gemo and Chromotherapy with the guardians of the ancestral wisdom, I also wrote, at that time, the Book of "Chromotherapy".

Today, I am happy to share my dreams in a family business, where my son Dr. Rodrigo Garcia Moro directs the commercial side, and also, the school that my daughter Dr. Giselle Garcia Moro oversees as Medical Director.